Monday, July 14, 2014

The prep work begins...

Firday looms on the horizon, but I wanted to pop in and give an update.

The setup is all but finished, supplies are purchased, and I'm gathering the gears.  The donation page is already live, and as of today, I have $25 raised thus far.  W00t!

Also, as a reminder, you can donate by clicking here, you can watch the stream live by clicking here, and you can join the conversation on twitter under the hashtag #miraclegears.  I'll be monitoring that hashtag during the event, so feel free to pop in!

If you decide to donate before the event starts, know that you can help determine our fate!  When you donate, put "do the tutorial" or "don't do the tutorial in the comment line.  The option that raises the most money will decide our fate when we start the first game.

Thanks for putting up with the radio silence for the past months.  It's been kind of crazy around here, with real life getting in the way as much as anything else.  But I'm still here, I'm still watching everything, and yeah.  You guys are awesome.  See you on Friday!

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