What is Treasure Bin?

Treasure Bin started out as something to pass the time back in 2008. I was fresh out of college, right as the housing market collapsed, and I couldn't find a steady job to save my life.  So I did what any sensible person would do:  I started blogging.  I couldn't really keep it up, as I started hitting writer's block, and I needed money more than I needed page views.  After some prodding and a spark of creativity, I picked up the pen in 2011 and got back to writing.  Since that time, I've added numerous reviews, rants, and a do it yourself project to the mix.  This has always been something fun for me, even when it felt like work.

I usually go at this in spurts.  There will be a few months with tons of new content, then I'll be silent for a month.  That's normal, it's because this isn't my job.  I do this for fun.  As a result, I feel my writing is better and less forced.  Everyone loves better quality writing, right?

If you've stumbled upon my blog from one of the many sites I cross post to, welcome! Enjoy your stay, and don't mind the gremlins in the corner.  They don't bite...

Oh hey, obligatory referral links!
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Bing Rewards is an attempt from microsoft to get you to use their search engine instead of google.    Thus far, they're making it pretty enticing.  Gamestop Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, XBox Live credit, Skype credit, and monthly giveaways!  I've crunched the numbers, and just by logging into the site, you can get a $5 Amazon or Gamestop gift card every 30 days or so.  Free money on the cheap?  Why not?  They're also huge on referrals, and by helping me along, I also help you.  They give you bonus rewards points when you sign up through a referral and reach certain milestones.  So why don't you go do it?

League of Legends might not give you the free stuff that others do, but hey, why not help me out?  If you haven't read my Playing for Free article on LoL, you should do that, too!

How can I help?
You want to help Treasure Bin? Awesome!  I'm always looking for guest writers.  If you have something you want to write about, send an email to treasure.bin.comments@gmail.com and we'll talk.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your stay!