Monday, July 21, 2014

Miracle Gears: The Aftermath

Wow, what a weekend.  From the beginning, we set out to basically do the impossible.  But you know what? We did it!

Over the course of the weekend, we raised $485 for Child's Play.  That money is going to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and Clinics in Minnesota, and I am so proud to see that happen.  It wasn't easy, though.  We got stuck in several places.  We died 80 times fighting Raam at the end of Gears 1.  We got stuck in the courtyard near the end of Gears 2.  But you know what? We persevered as long as we could.  At the end, it was just Matt and I, the lone survivors of our squad.  I joked that I felt a little bit like Noble Team from Halo Reach.

And here's a little slice of Miracle Gears, by the numbers:

Deaths : 1263
Cans of Mt Dew Consumed : 15
Cans of Red Bull Consumed : 7
Chainsaw Kills : 252
Revivals : 122
Game Glitches : 22
Broken Stuff : 1 (The chair at the computer broke during the event)

We had one $5 donation during the stream, telling Dan to be laser bait.  It won by default, and the end result was rather underwhelming.  We still managed to pull it off, regardless.

There was one part on Friday where a boomer had an epic shot between the car and the station to kill Dan.  It was crazy how well it worked out, and we were all really surprised by it.  It's even made the highlight reel!

I want to thank everyone again for their contribution and support.  Dan, Dave, Matt, Connor, you helped keep me sane over the course of the weekend.  Christine, thanks for the logo.  It looked great.  To all my family who donated, thank you, so very much.  April, thanks for putting up with me and my one track mind over the course of the weekend.  You were not neglected, and I will make it up to you in the near future.  Bridget, I'm sorry you fell ill.  You were definitely missed during the weekend.  To the viewers who tuned in, thanks for joining us.  Thanks for the words of encouragement and engaging us on the stream.  You guys truly are Miracle Gears.

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