Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wishlist: Expanding horizons in Dance Central 3

Back in July, Harmonix teased a partial song list for Dance Central 3.  One of the included songs was "I am the Best" by Korean pop group 2NE1.  K-pop fans on this side of the Pacific unanimously jumped up and cheered for the arrival of cross-cultural songs in what is arguably the best game franchise on the Kinect.  But why stop there?  Harmonix stands to bridge the culture divide and broaden musical tastes.  Now, while the game is coming out on October 3, and probably has little room for adding songs now, there's always room for DLC.  If anyone at Harmonix reads this, consider these songs for DLC.  Seriously.

Gangnam Style - PSY

Given its surge in popularity, Gangnam Style should really be an auto-include here.  The music video was uploaded to youtube two months ago, and it already has over 220,000,000 page views as of this writing.  Not only that, but it's been parodied by Deadpool, the Oregon Duck, and numerous others.  Harmonix would be feeling rather foolish if they don't act on the popularity of the hottest dance song of 2012.  Even if it's from an MIT dropout who left college "to make shitty music videos for the rest of [his] life."  Evidently, the lead director of Dance Central wants to make Gangnam Style happen.  Huzzah!

Moskau - Dschinghis Khan

If there's one thing the '70s got right, it's disco.  And Dschinghis Khan, formed in 1979 to compete in Eurovision, is a prime example of the more...unique...choices out there.  Regardless, "Moskau" has become something of a new hit, even 30 years after it first came out.  Some of the dance moves that front man Louis Potgieter would fit right in with the hard difficulty.  Not only that, it borders on ridiculous and does it with style.  I mean, come on.  Harmonix already included Dragostea Din Tei in Dance Central 2.  What's another Eurovision song here or there?

Love Love Love - Jolin Tsai

Taiwanese pop star Jolin Tsai has had a storied career over the past decade and a half.  While "Jiu Shi Ai [Translates to That's Love -Ed.]" may have stolen the thunder of "Love Love Love," the latter is much more danceable.  It's got a solid rhythm, and the the music video has a few moves that could easily carry over to Dance Central.

Ven Ven Ven - Sex Bomb

Sex Bomb's inclusion in this list might raise some eyebrows, but why not include Spanish music in this list?  The song is definitely danceable, the music video provides some moves to incorporate, and the tune is catchy enough that it will get thoroughly stuck in the minds of anyone who plays it.

Dreams Come True - SES

While this may be one too many Korean songs,  SES cannot be overlooked.  "Dreams Come True" is a true classic kpop song, and really, really, REALLY should be included.

So...Harmonix?  If any of you read this, you should definitely work these into your game at some point.  You may already have an awesome song lineup, but including these songs as DLC would be totally awesome.

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